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December 11th, 2010

In few hours “Easy Now, Christmas“, our gorgeous compilation, will be downloadable for your listening pleasure. Meanwhile we have some hors-d’oeuvre. Christmas is getting closer! Isn’t it?

Here we have here some delicious artifacts in the colonial style.

Click here and you’ll see the last ten minutes of Mat Pogo‘s duo with Michael Renkel they performed last Dec the 2nd in Ausland, Berlin for the Donawellen Festival.

If it wasn’t enough here’s still Pogo together with pianist Antonis Anissegos at the interaktion festival in February 2009. Yup.

It popped up recently a 2002 video recording of Nicotina‘s Providence mates Barnacled, where they perform a brilliant version of Cloud Pump in Detroit. Check it out

Next, if you have a fb account, there’s this weird clip testifying Edoardo Ricci joining Semerssuaq at the last concert they did together last november the 26th at Spazio K, in Prato. There’s actually not much to see but plenty to listen. You can find it here.

And the last shot for now is this hommage/scherzo by videomaker Sara Bonaventura using Pokemachine‘s Cokemachine Sessions as a soundtrack. Enjoy.