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August 18th, 2010

Laboratorio Gattoquadrato published il Male Abile.

A small square book with silkscreened cover with 6 illustrations by 6 artists.  among them our beloved Lapis Niger aka Napo of hip hop casseurs Uochi Toki.

Waiting for their new album, the second one coming out for La Tempesta label, they have a couple of concerts left in August

21. Aug 2010 Marina di Lerici , L.A. Spezia, ITALY

29. Aug 2010 Sesto san giovanni, MI, ITALY

17. Sep 2010 SET “LEGNO”@Grottarossa Rimini, RN, ITALY

the clip down here is taken by their previous album Libro Audio

Regia: Laura Casanova.
Illustrazioni: Lapis Niger.
Editing, animazione e postproduzione: La Bicicletta.