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April 30th, 2010

NK is an artist run independent non-profit organization that is dedicated to Sound Arts and located in Berlin.

POGO summer solo

JEALOUSY PARTY | MySpace Music Videos

MAT POGO will play a vocal solo set at N.K. on Saturday 29th May.
In the same evening Kouhei Matsunaga, Pato and Slütspürt will perform.


At the beginning of the new millennium y2k the band Slütspürt was born in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark. But after about 5 years of happy childhood exploring the Danish experimental scene, the band decided to move to Berlin to broaden horizons and experience a new musical scene.

The music of Slütspürt is often hard to capture in words, because the band has been experimenting with an awful number of different things over the last 6 years; home-build instruments, instruments ripped apart, instruments hardly working but also plain old electric guitars, drums, saxophones, power-tools and so on. You might say that the foundation of Slütspüts’s musical interaction is improvisation and free music. Lately the band has been working intensely with drones, feedback and noise, witch often lead into playing very long pieces using violin, electric guitars, laptop, saxophones, ethnical instruments and other objects. These long pieces can also hold elements of folk inspired improvisation, ambient electronic parts and single chord guitar striking.

The four members of Slütspürt are also the heart of the experimental music collective yoyooyoy. In yoyooyoy there are 10 working bands, numerous side and solo projects, all consisting of at least one of the four Slütspürt members. yoyooyoy has made 18 releases and done more than 200 shows in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany.

Slütspürt has released records on the Danish label Ninth World Music, which also features releases by artist such as: David Thomas, Peter Brötzmann, Mats Gustafson, Pat Thomas, Evan Parker, label director Peter Ole Jørgensen.

Slütspürt has worked with Norwegian Noise Orchestra at Radio Nova festival in Oslo 2004, Pat Thomas at Copenhagen jazz festival 2005, Dane T.S. Hawk, Peter Ole Jørgensen and many others.

Slütspürt is Johs Lund, Anders Lauge Meldgaard, Toke Tietze Mortensen and Andreas Führer.


Swedish Confussion from rrr on Vimeo.

Rubén Patiño aka Pato is a sound artist born in Barcelona in 1979.

Pato works in the field of Computer Music combining different  sound synthesis techniques  generated with Pure Data and  Super  Collider .

All his sound pieces tend to have a stochastical approach and need to be experienced at high volume to appreciate  its  dynamic changes.

He has performed several solo performances in Spain, France, Germany,England, Denmark and played in festivals like Zeppelin 2005, Transmediale 2006 and MEM 2007. As well as live improvisations with tabletop guitarrist Olivier Di Placido and occasional collaborations inside EVOL, a computer music cell leaded by Roc Jiménez de Cisneros.

Also as a dj, his sets are mainly composed of multi-layered cut-up computer music mixed with some old avant-garde classics, noise and commercial music.


Kouhei Matsunaga was born in Osaka, Japan, lives in Berlin and osaka currently. musician, drawing artist.
He was listening to hardcore techno and rap music.also studied to architecture.
He started to making music from 1992. also His 1st album Upside Down released from Mille Plateaux/Germany in 1998.

He is composing to Experimental music also many collaborations. example, Mika Vainio, Sean Booth(autechre), Merzbow, John Watermann
Asmus Tietchens, RLW, Rudolf, ConradSchnitzler, Leif Elggren, Rashad Becker, Sleeparchive, Raionbash, Krube, Heatsick, Lee Gamble
Anla Courtis(rynols) etc..

Day of small audience also sometime, he is using contact mic for his solo performance as no power styler, its super minimal sounding…

Also his breakbeats project koyxe?is working with Sensational(ex Jungle Brothers), Mr Maloke (Paul PM/Puppetmastaz), Shadowhuntaz etc..
and another unit project with Toshio Munehiro is named NHK (raster noton) and Internet Magic (with Google Premire/Puppetmastaz).

Started a label named Flying Swimming for publishing and planning event to experimental contemporary music and art from 2002.