July 11th, 2008

Mat PogoWJME. Ricci
The Jealousy Party in his basic trio (WJM: JP set, Mat Pogo: actual and recorded vocals, Edoardo Ricci. wind instruments) started in April the JP+1 project.

A series of improvisational recordings, each one with a specific guest musicians

The first two have been recorded allready, respectively with guitar player Eugenio Sanna and with electro acoustic composer [-hyph]. They must be properly mixed during this summer. The other two ones, with drummers Filippo Monico and Stefano Giust will be recorded this fall. All of the four recordings should be released by Stefano Giust’s label Setola di Maiale in the next months this year. We will let you know at the right time.

For now you can listen to Dicerto Nonso.

jp dicerto nonso

an ep in the brand new BURP Publications I Morsi series

listen and download it here

Dicerto Nonso (13:18)
2008 BURP Publications
I Morsi #2 (M102)
WJMeatball: jp set
Mat Pogo: vocal
Edoardo Ricci: trombone
Eugenio Sanna: electric guitar
Andrea Caprara: sound engineer

Recorded at Cannon Jack Studio (Nipozzano – FI – Italy)

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