February 4th, 2009

16 musicians in 8 random duos competing for the best interaction

First prize € 1000 — Second prize € 500
Open for Berlin-based musicians in ALL music styles and instruments

The event will take place on Feb. 28th 2009 at Haus der Sinne/Prenzlauer Berg

Antonis Anissegos: piano
Anat Cohavi: saxophone, bass clarinet
Olivier DI Placido: tabletop guitar
Teresa Hackel: recorders
Reiner Hess: alto saxophone
Almut Kühne: voice
Joke Lany aka Sudden Infant: turntables
Jason Lewis:drum set
Keith O Brien: guitar – electronics
Mat Pogo: voice
Olaf Rupp: acoustic guitar
Richard Scott: bucla lightening, nintendo wiimotes
Hagen Stüdemann: double bass
Gerhard Uebele: violin
Rebecca Uhlig: voice
Nicolas Wiese: laptop, sampler

For detailed information and application form, visit

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