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March 13th, 2012

Friday – 16. March

Conure + Semerssuaq + VJ Schmacke

Now based in Berlin, Mark Wilson (also of 15 Degrees Below Zero and Rings of Smoke Through the Trees) has been creating ambient noise and other varieties of sound art under the moniker Conure since May of 2000. He has released an extensive catalog of music on Edgetone Records, Connexion Bizarre, Solipsism, Crunch Pod, and others, in addition to touring successfully throughout the US, Canada, and Berlin. Conure has also collaborated and performed with various other sound art, new music, and jazz musicians such as Big City Orchestra, Instagon, Nihil Communication, Rent Romus, CJ Borosque, Phillip Greenlief, and Thomas Park, amongst others. He currently utilizes various microphones, effects pedals, loops, field recordings, and mixer as his main set of tools to create sounds that range from minimal drones to heavily layered walls of feedback and cacophony

Semerssuaq are WJ Meatball (Jealousy Party, Sistemi Audiofobici Burp) and JD Zazie (Wet’n Wild, Penates). The freeform Cut’ n Roll duo was born in Florence at the end of the 90?s at the Soul Limbo Studio based in C.P.A. Fi-Sud. From that improvised, freeform/rock and electronic music scene, they developed their technique manipulating sound using basically DJ tools.

+ Seperated screening-room for noise-edutainment
VJ Schmacke
Also known through his arts of The Fake Masters, the filmmaker will show a presentation of new and found sources via VJ-software.

@ Meta Mate – Straßburger Str. 16 – Prenzlauer Berg