January 7th, 2010

Quiet Cue is a new series of events, taking place at the studio/project space adapted to the Staalplaat store in Berlin-Neukoelln. The series will embrace concerts, exhibitions / installations, film screenings, workshops and lectures. Quiet Cue focusses on intermedia works, collaborative works, distinctive video art, and different musical concepts between electroacoustics, contemporary composition and relational music.

quiet cue #002
Thursday, January 14th 8pm

is a Canadian/German trio based in Berlin, drawing upon diverse experiences within their environment to explore a new music created in the moment; sonic densities and vast cold silences are juxtaposed to bring architectural like structural integrity to their improvisations.
Population and solitude, traffic jams and back country ways, amplification and quietness, acoustic and electric, exploratory and communication, and of course conversations with the many different guests make this hotel an exciting musical experience.
In August 2005, they released their debut album ‘Flowers You Can Eat’, on the Berlin label
Schraum. A release of live recordings made on tour in Germany and Switzerland is available
now as a limited edition vinyl.

Axel Haller
is a bass player from Berlin, Germany.
He improvises compositions and composes improvisations.
And he listens.
Haller plays in different settings and situations, with spontaneous groups, working groups like kainkwatett or Trio Vopá, performs as a soloist, and improvises / composes music for
audio-books, theater groups, dance performances.
Along with Torsten Papenheim and Merle Bennett he is running the label schraum.

quiet cue #003
Tuesday, January 19th 8pm

are WJ Meatball (Jealousy Party, Sistemi Audiofobici Burp) and
JD Zazie (B Unit, Sistemi Audiofobici Burp).
The freeform Cut’ n Roll duo was born in Florence at the end of the 90’s at the Soul
Limbo Studio based in C.P.A. Fi-Sud. From that improvised, freeform/rock and
electronic music scene, they developed their technique manipolating sound using
basically dj tools.
Collaborations with Brynja Cortes Andrésdóttir (cello), CCMonkey (violin),
Edoardo Ricci (wind instruments) and Letizia Renzini (electronics) have been
occasions to deveope their own language of electro-acoustic and electronic music.

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  1. Boris Drees Says:

    check out this violin clip and let me know what you think! Norbert Wentzel