August 3rd, 2007

Just posted in the net here’s a testimony of some exiting music development we look at as a bright moment in our life as a collective.
Have a look here at Edoardo Ricci on alto saxophone joining the free rock combo Bron Y Aur. Was a gig organized by Burp at the squatted self organized popular center C.P.A. Fi-sud in Florence, Italy.

It was 2000 and as Burp Enterprise we were celebrating the friendship and the mutual interests’ sharing and investigation blossomed between us. It will bring at the release of Bron Y Aur’s between 13 and 16 , together with Wallace rec.; several Bron Y Aur / Jealousy Party gigs together, a number of experimental recordings. Some of it you could find in to the Jealousy Party album “Now” and more specifically a collective recording out in the soul limbo sessions line. Both out on Burp Publications.
Here you can check more of that concert.

Bron y Aur are in great shape smashing rock against some harder rocks.

By the way be sure to find “millenovecentosettantatre” their newest release out for Wallace records. Their investigation never stops, so they came out with a new born which brings some totally new flavors and details in the Bron Y Aur path.

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