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36 AUS 430 VON 30

February 17th, 2013

In occasion of the exhibition  “Es hängt ein Pferdehalfter an der Wand (What is love)” curated by Mario Passarotto and Daniel Löwenbrück was was released the double tape compilation “36 Aus 430 Von 30“.

Mario Passarotto collected all of the 430 records which topped the German charts between 1953 and 1993, making him the owner of the most important and maybe most frightening record-collection in Germany, which is now being displayed in Berlin at Rumpsti Pumsti for the first time.
The German music record charts were established in December 1953 with the first ever Number 1 record being “Es hängt ein Pferdehalfter an der Wand” performed by Die Kilima Hawaiians. The last Number 1 record which was exclusively released on vinyl was “What is Love” by Haddaway in 1993.

The double tape compilation published by Edizioni Passarotto is a collection of audio remakes of some of the german Hits exhibited at Rumst Pumsti. There is possible to find  pieces by Daniel Arnoldsson, ANY, Anemone Tube, Daniela Fromberg & Stefan Roigk, Pure, Annie Stubbs with Krista Krull, Ute Waldhausen, re-spule, Sudden Infant, Sie nannten ihn Pferd, Les Mimis, John Murphy (Shining Vril), Kutzkelina, Marcellvs L., JD Zazie, CUBOP, Krube, Parabelles, Antoine Chessex, Kirner Kerb, Ursula Peer, Wendelin Büchler, Alessandra Eramo, Ratbag, Farahnaz Hatam, Mario de Vega, Heatsick, Kakawaka, Der Tapeman, Benjamin L. Aman.

36 Aus 430 Von 30” is limited to 80 hand-numbered copies.