November 11th, 2007

Dear navigators,
It seems kind of difficult these days to find a moment to post anything about the several things going on here in the Burp Universe. Very soon we will post a report about the Jealousy Party recent tour, about the next Burp Publications releases,and the million of unpredictable directions of the Burp System. We are working on this blog/site in order to complete the many pages wich are not done yet and the mailorder, the Colonial Emporium. Personally in the last two weeks I was lost in a myopic fog also, but now i’ve got new glasses. And i’m back to life!!! So be prepared for some surprises in the next days. ..ah! i was forgetting…after a bit of struggling our address
is properly working again. So update your bookmarks!
At the moment listen this Dolphy’s freaking out bass clarinet solo.
It’s the Charles Mingus Sextet wrestling with the Ellington’s classic.
Edoardo Ricci showed it to a feverish Jealousy Party,here in Berlin a couple of weeks ago, as an exorcism to get rid of all our bad colds.
It didn’t actually work, but after that the sun did’nt set down for four days!
So try it by yourself.

See you soon.
volcanian greetings
yours mat pogo

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