muscolaria – NICOTINA / CASUAL 88

December 7th, 2011

Nicotina – Casual 88 – The Dubious Stairwell

Nicotina – guitar

Track 04 (CD2) from “GUITARS – AN ANTHOLOGY OF SOLO EXPERIMENTAL GUITAR MUSIC” (double disc – 2010, Setola di Maiale 1870-1880)

also featuring: Stefano Pilia, Anders Lindsjö, Neil Davidson, Olaf Rupp, Michal Dymny, Manuel Mota, Marco Tabellini, Chris Iemulo, Alvari Lume, Hannes Buder, Peter Stenberg, Pablo Montagne, Brian Mitchell, Gilles Laval, Roger Sundström, Eric Arn, Thomas Barrière, Mikaele Pellegrino, Yannis Frier, Jonny Drury, Olivier Bost, Filippo Giuffrè