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August 10th, 2011

Monday August 15 at Mme Claude in Berlin for the experimontag series

OLIVIER DI PLACIDO (tabletop guitar) | SEC_ (revox tape recorder, no-input)

MAT POGO (Vocals, cd-player) | IGNAZ SCHICK (Turntable, motor, objects)
Ignaz Schick and Mat Pogo met on the Berlin scene and started collaborating in August 2009. So far they have given several in the meantime legendary concerts in Berlin and Italy, all without any prior rehearsals.They share a blind understanding for timing and composition and their music is fast moving and intense. They create a style which refers clearly to cut-up collage & noise music, but in contrast to earlier movements the material they use is rather abstract and electro-acoustic. In February 2010 they went into the studio but decided to trash all the recorded materials in favor for a live-album they will be recording during concerts throughout the entire year of 2011.

ERIN SEXTON / SEIJI MORIMOTO (electronics, objects)

ONDULA (DJ-Set/avant-rock/Berlin)