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May 7th, 2013

Rhythmus 25 is a new project by Giuliano Tremea on voice, Eugenio Sanna on guitar, objects and Edoardo Ricci on reeds, horns and live electronics. They will play May thursday the 9th at cineclub Nuovo Eden in Brescia. Rhythmus 25 is one of the short movie in the series (Rhythmus) made by Berliner artist and filmmaker Hans Richter, one of the early pioneers of Dada artistic movemet. During the performance they will read texts by Picabia, Duchamp, Arp, Tristan Tzara, Schwitters.

Giuliano Tremea- voice
Eugenio Sanna- guitar, objects
Edoardo Ricci- alto sax, bass clarinet, trombone, live electronics

h. 21.00 Nuovo Eden, via Nino Bixio n° 9, Brescia