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August 13th, 2011

Festival “Ankunft: Neue Musik” – auf dem Berliner Hauptbahnhof

mi_31. aug_16.00

Joke Lanz (Turntables)
Ignaz Schick (Turntables)
Dawid Szczesny (Turntables)
JD Zazie (Turntables)

Hauptbahnhof | Europaplatz 1, 10557 Berlin (Mitte)
Eintritt frei


BETT4 after a phase of consideration was founded in 2011 by Ignaz Schick in Berlin. The group is a chamber size variation and alternative to in 2009 initiated large group The International Turntable Orchestra (T.I.T.O.). While in T.I.T.O. there can be up to 30 players in use during a performance in BETT4 it will be a maximum of 4-8 machines. The quartet resembles four international experienced “experimental” turntablists who are all currently residing in Berlin. The group is performing improvisations, concept pieces and original compositions of the four members but also invites composers to write and propose pieces which are written for this unique line-up.
The four members of the group (Joke Lanz, Ignaz Schick, Dawid Szczesny and JD Zazie) are coming from countires like Germany, Italy, Poland and Switzerland and all of them have developed unique and new approaches and pushed further boundaries in experimental music and each of them have also developed new techniques and styles in experimental turntablism.