August 28th, 2010

Today we start officially the celebration of TWENTY years of Burp Enterprise activities.

Known internationally for our strechting time antagonist strategies we will celebrate for 16 months. Ending on 2012 new year’s eve.

Burp Enterprise was founded by myself and Nicotina in August 1990 in the Orkney Islands. On the main island of Hoy, to be more precise, when after a series of adventures we eventually found ourselves in a cosy queen-size bed. We had breakfast for a couple of days and, during the deep sleep we had, we both dreamt of making comics. The Burp Comix magazine was born under the heavenly protection of St. Olaf and with the earthly support of WJ Meatball.

Around that rag soon a group of people -originally based in Florence, Italy- sprang out, and to launch our music label Burp Sonic Inventions, which became after Burp Publications, was a natural consequence.  Jimmy Gelli, Gianni Agus, Sgwendoline, Connie Island and Albonoetus are the first five names coming to my mind of members -still on board from the beginning- of a large community of people who did the Burp history.

Many events, artefacts and banquets will come. You we’ll know it following loyally these web pages. Future never showed himself so bright!

Volcanian Greetings to All – With my fingers around my nipples

Yours Mat Pogo

3 Responses to “OUR MEETING POINT”

  1. mat pogo Says:

    hooray for burp!

  2. edoardo ricci Says:

    square for squirrel

  3. edoardo ricci Says:

    god bless the spippola