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May 29th, 2011

For the vernissage of  the personal exhibition of the sound artist Felicity Mangan “Pudding and the inpudding” the new duo Wet’n Wild will perform live.
In her sound installation animal sound effects are played though hand-made speakers made of pudding and crystal clear plastic bowls.

In the duo Wet’n Wild JD Zazie (IT) and Felicity Mangan (AU) utilize CD playing and mixing devices to create hydro and Animalia aural hybrids by meshing and grafting found and self recorded water and animal sounds. In real time, silence and the sound of raw recordings are adjusted and shaped by functions of the playing devices, interplay, acoustics and social forces.

The vernissage on the 2nd of June will start at 8:30 PM at the Able Gallery in Berlin.

Able Gallery
Hobrechtstraße 28 – Berlin – DE