November 7th, 2012

The Blutwurst collective will perform two concerts this November in Tuscany, Italy.

On November 19  at La Cité in Florence they will provide soundtracks for short movies by the Lumiere Bros., Meliés, Beckett and some selected scenes of Satantango by Bela Tarr

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On November 25 they will play an acoustic set at Teatro Rossi Aperto in Pisa

Both concerts will be performed as a septet
Edoardo Ricci – saxophones, bass clarinet, trombone
Daniela Fantechi – piano
Marco Baldini – trumpet
Michele Lanzini – cello
Cristina Abati – viola
Alessandro Ricciardelli – theremin, banjo, cither, lyre
Luca Giorgi – percussions, tapes

Blutwurst is a new collective of musicians with different background focused on radical improvisation and on performing contemporary composers’ graphic scores.

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