July 2nd, 2012

Thanks to everyone who made this experience possible and so well attended in June.
So it seems that Capracampa will be happening in July as well.
We hope to meet you there.

Burp Enterprise and Circolo Aurora are proud to present Capracampa.
Curated by Roberta WJM Andreucci, Capracampa is a weekly open air performance series taking place at Torrino di Piazza Tasso, a wonderful spot in Florence, where the Aurora is located.
Every Wednesday Capracampa will be an aural island sonorised by Sistemi Audiofobici Burp dj collective, creatively hosting small format live sets.

While the dj sets by Sistemi Audiofobici Burp will characteristically offer a well syncopated cocktail of punca, colonial, polybeatz, afroamericana, noise, mod classical, r&b, error and r’n’r music, the live sets will be performed by a variety of solo artists or small format groups ranging widely from freely improvised to composed, acousmatic music and songwriting.

4 Luglio
Sistemi Audiofobici Burp 

A double duo set around the inner dynamics of maverik cult band and Burp Enterprise’s main act Jealousy Party will open the July Capracampa series.
Pogo and WJM, respectively JP vocalist and real time acousmatic organiser, will meet in two different sets the JP wind intrument players Ricci and Bartolini. Once again dealing with the ambiguous areas between improvised and composed, played and re-played, rhytmical and error musics.

While Pogo and WJM are Jealousy Party and Sistemi Audiofobici Burp founder members coming from a rock and radio background, Ricci and Bartolini started playing together in the 70’s with legendary free dada collective N.E.E.M and had many projects together through the 80’s until now. Guido Mazzon’s Gruppo Contemporaneo  and circuit bending noise duo Athanoi  just to name two.

Stefano Bartolini: saxophones and objects
Mat Pogo: mixer, cd player, actual and recorded vocals

Roberta WJM Andreucci: mixer, cd players, electronics
Edoardo Ricci: saxophones and trombone


11 Luglio
Jacopo Andreini: guitar and vocal
Claudia Cancellotti: violin
Sistemi Audiofobici Burp

Shash Jihat is a persian expression that means “the six sides of the world”.
After collaborating together many years in several musical projects Andreini and Cancellotti started this duo recently sharing the love for rebetika, arabic, gipsy, hungarian and brazilian musics.


Claudia Cancellotti is a classical trained violin player, an anthropologist and ethnomusicologist, she played in many contemporary classical music ensembles, reggae bands as southafrican Tidal Waves and italian One Drop Band, palestinian band Khalta and folk ensembles as Il Parto delle Nuvole Pesanti and  gruppo di canti popolari  I Suonatori della Boscaglia. She played together with Mat Pogo’s Le Schiave della Droga, with Semerssuaq and N.E.E.M.


Polyinstrumentalist Jacopo Andreini is a main figure in the italian underground music scene.
He listened to northafrican and arabic since he was a kid. He played with bands such Nando meet Corrosion, Bz Bz Ueu, OvO, Ronin, Vialka, E-NEEM, CRAP, Pin Pin Sugar, Pangolinorchestra, Arrington de Dionyso Quartet and many others. Collaborations with RUNI, Rollerball, Miss Massive Snowflake, I Camillas, Old Time Relijun, Dubital, Bugo, Ironique and others. He currently plays with L’Enfance Rouge, Squarcicatrici, Jealousy Party and Tsigoti.

18 Luglio

Stefano Bartolini: saxophones and objects
Filippo Monico: drums and percussions
Edoardo Ricci: saxophones and objects
+ Sistemi Audiofobici Burp

It’s a long history the one that sees the paths of Bartolini, Monico and Ricci crossing each other.
Veteran improvisers, they have been protagonists in the history of italian post free jazz, free improvised and experimental music scene since the 70’s. Gruppo Contemporaneo, Muzic Circo, N.E.E.M, Padouk are just few names of bands they have been involved with. For this Capracampa evening we will have the chance to get an original acoustic trio showing how it’s possible to keep ideas fresh and in constant discussion, dedicated to language advancement but still loyal to a more than 30 years old history of investigations.


25 Luglio
Eugenio Sanna: amplified guitar, objects
Marco Baldini: trumpet
Luca Giorgi: tape recorders, korg monotron, radio, effects
Sistemi Audiofobici Burp

Skinning Sounds is a new group in which guitar improviser extraordinaire Eugenio Sanna meets two experimental musicians of the younger generation. The trio works around the ideas of radical improvisation, textures and noise.
Eugenio Sanna started his musical journey through improvised music in the 70’s. At the time he was one of the promoters of C.R.I.M. (Centro per la Ricerca e l’Improvvisazione Musicale) in Pisa setting up workshops by the likes of Martin Joseph, Milford Graves, Gunther Hampel, Leo Smith, Raphael Garrett and Steve Lacy.
In the years he played with same major new music figures as John Russell, Phil Wachsmann, Derek Bailey, Giuseppe Chiari, Mike Cooper, John Zorn, Peter Kowald, Phil Minton and Tristan Honsinger, to name a few.
On Burp Publications he published several albums together with Edoardo Ricci and two with Ricci and british percussionist Roger Turner. The last one “Live in Pisa” just came out this month.

Since 2002 Sistemi Audiofobici Burp is Burp Enterprise’s main dj collective.

Playing frenzy, confrontational dance sets of polybeatz, error and noise music, they spread colonial, funk and punca music to the audiences and dancehalls through a inextricable web of live and recorded sets, broadcasts, public and private services.

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