July 28th, 2010
08 – 30 september
Curated by Ignaz Schick the festival will run through three weeks.
With an opening concert dedicated to the music of  Sven-Åke Johansson the echtzeitmusiktage will be organized in six sections showing many aspects of Berlin’s experimental music scene.
Three different appearences from the Burp System: Mat Pogo will perform solo on the 15th and with Pokemachine on the 27th and JD Zazie solo will take place on the 22nd.
Echtzeitmusiktage 2010 is a production of in cooperation with Sophiensaele, ausland Berlin, Festsaal Kreuzberg, Elisabethkirche & Naher Osten
Follows a list of the musicians involved in the different sections

“state of the union”
Chris Abrahams (dx7)
Marcello Silvio Busato (drums)
Andrea Ermke (sampler, mini disc)
Arthur Rother (guitar)
Ignaz Schick (turntables, objects, sine waves)
Joerg Maria Zeger (guitars)
Burkhard Beins (drums, percussion)
Burkhard Beins (drums, objects)
Axel Dörner (trumpet, laptop)
Robin Hayward (tuba)
Annette Krebs (electro-acoustic guitar)
Andrea Neumann (inside piano)
Michael Renkel (acoustic guitar, laptop)
Ignaz Schick (turntable, objects, electronics)
Clare Cooper (concert harp)
Chris Abrahams (grand piano)
Tobias Delius (tenor saxophone and clarinet)
Werner Dafeldecker (double bass)
Clayton Thomas (double bass)
Christof Kurzmann (lloopp)
Will Guthrie (drums)
Activity Center
Michael Renkel (acoustic guitar, electronics)
Burkhard Beins (drums, percussion, electronics)
The Magic I.D.
Kai Fagaschinski (clarinet)
Margareth Kammerer (vocals, guitars)
Christof Kurzmann (lloopp & vocals)
Michael Thieke (clarinet)

“in exile/home again”
Stephan Mathieu
Olaf Rupp (guitar)
Aleks Kolkowski (gramophones, violin)
Greg Malcolm (guitars, vocals)

“against the grain”
Margareth Kammerer Special
Margareth Kammerer (guitar, vocals)
with guests Seby Ciurcina (guitar, vocals), Derek Shirley (bass), Steve Heather (drums) & Big Daddy Mugglestone (vocals)
Heaven And
Martin Siewert (guitars, electronics)
Zeitblom (basses)
Tony Buck (drums)
Steve Heather (drums, percussion)
The Understated Brown
Boris Hauf (synth)
Thomas Meadowcroft (organ)
Steve Heather (drums, percussion)
Vladislav Delay Quartet
Lucio Capece (bass clarinet, soprano saxophone)
Mika Vianio (electronics)
Derek Shirley (double bass)
Vladislav Delay (drums, percussion)
Jason Forrest (laptop)
Andrew Pekler (guitar, electonics)
Jan Jelinek (electronics)
Hanno Leichtmann (drums, electronics)
Christof  Kurzmann (lloopp, vocals, clarinet)
with several surprise guests
Kapitalband 1
Nicholas Bussmann (electronics)
Martin Brandlmayer (drums, electronics)

Andrea Neumann
Steffi Weissmann
Fernanda Farah
Sabine Ercklentz

Antonia Baehr
Axel Dörner
Big Daddy Mugglestone

“is there a thing called jazz”
Ignaz Schick (alto saxophone)
Clayton Thomas (double bass)
Paul Lovens (drums)
Michael Thieke (reeds)
Christian Weber (double bass)
Michael Griener (drums)
Die Enttäuschung
Axel Dörner (trumpet)
Rudi Mahall (bass Clarinet)
Jan Roder (bass)
Uli Jenessen (drums)
“electro-acoustic nights”
Thomas Ankersmit (synth)
Seiji Morimoto (selfmade objects, electronics)
Stefan Roigk (tapes, electronics)
Lucio Capece (reeds, electronics) & Mika Vainio (electronics)
Michael Vorfeld (light bulbs)
Joke Lanz (turntables)
Boris Baltschun (laptop) & Serge Baghdassarians (electronics)
Eckehard Ehlers (laptop)

“the world and the raw people”
Anders Hana (guitar, keyboard)
Morten J. Olsen (drums, supercollider)
Gilles Aubry (laptop, electronics)
Antoine Chessex (tenor sax with guitar amps)
Derek Shirley (bass)
Marc Fantini (drums)
Mat Pogo (vocals, cd-player)
Horacio Pollard (electronics)
Ander Hana (guitar, keyboard, drums)
Tree People
Ignaz Schick (turntable, objects)
John Hegre (guitar, electronics)
Morten J. Olsen (drums, electronics)

“the struggle continues”
Clare Cooper (harp, electronics)
Olaf Hochherz (book, contact mics, electronics)
Valerio Tricoli (revox, electronics)
Helena Gough (laptop)
Antoine Chessex (tenor saxophone, electronics)
Mat Pogo (vocals, cd-players)
Francesco Cavaliere (live-electronics)
Marcello Silvio Busato (drums)
JD Zazie (cd-players, electronics)

here a newer post we published about it

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