July 16th, 2010

Boiling hot here in Berlin and will be more torrid in Florence tomorrow, where i’m going to join the rest of the Jealousy Party to finally end our new album Mercato Centrale. Get ready for that! It will be out before the end of the year. I can easily tell you is the best punca album ever recorded. Colonial and muscled musical solutions in the Burp Stylee.

WJM, myself, Edoardo Ricci are on the record together with Jacopo Andreini on drums, Jimmy Gelli on electronics, Stefano Bartolini on tenor and baritone saxes and sarusophone, Andrea Caprara and Lord of Casual, Simone Nicotina Castaldi on guitar. Plus several guests as Napo of maverick hip hop unit Uochi Toki, Andrea Picchietti and Marco Giovannoni of N.E.E.M. italian ragga legend Il Generale and DJ Baba Giovanni Bauli on harp.

Focused around the building, the area and the suggestions of S. Lorenzo central market in Florence Mercato Centrale is a blast of an album with so many different musics all smashed together in the original JP flavour. there’s a couple of r&b cover versions too.

Anyway it will be time to talk about that soon. Now just a quick hello. many new things will happen in the next months. the Echtzeit Musik Festival in Berlin, Pokemachine touring in september with Horacio Pollard, Jealousy Party, Semerssuaq, myself and Ignaz Schick touring in october / november and many more delicious things and artifacts to come.

last but not least: in august Burp Enterprise will celebrate 20 years of action. So be sure to have the right spices with you and join us in this celebration party which starts now and will end at the end of 2011. Ci piace fare giri non brevi ma lunghi

see you very soon. With my fingers on my nipples yours Mat Pogo


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