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November 8th, 2011


BETT 4 are Joke LanzIgnaz SchickDawid Szczesny and JD Zazie. This experimental turntable quartet founded in 2011 by Ignaz Schick  resembles four international & experienced “experimental” turntablists who are all currently residing in Berlin. The group is performing improvisations, concept pieces and original compositions of the four members but also invites composers to write and propose pieces which are written for this unique line-up.

On the 15th of November they will play for Tonerholung #4, a series of meetings on experimental music that takes place at Naherholung in Berlin. They will share the night with Amoebazoid (Keith O´Brien) and with Giovanni Longo, playing duo and presenting “ORGANIZED SOUND … ORGANIZED?!?”

Concerts will start at 9 PM sharp
Naherholung, Berolinastr. 7, Berlin – DE