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December 8th, 2010

The countdown is started for the release of Easy Now, Christmas.
Be sure to get your own copy.

Free Download will start on December the 10th until January 6th. Don’t miss it!

Burp Publications is proud to announce our first collective christmas album in 20 years of activity.

The album celebrates the holy Christmas focusing mainly on new recordings from Burp System Units‘ wide range of activities.

Get ready to taste the strong flavour of colonial artifacts, sonic mestization and muscled music funk.

From hystorical ensembles as N.E.E.M. and Jealousy Party to newest projects as Pokemachine, @hanoi and Anarcorural Agrofreejazz Band be prepared for a huge banquet of inventions.

Be ready for tiny delights, cacophonic rumbles, harsh meta rock, selftaught pop fantasies,  electrocute rhytmic abstractions, cannibal folk vendetta, Casual Tunes, Punca extravaganza, instant composition and wind instrument galore.

Easy Now, Cristmas comes in a 3 download slot format including audio and graphic files, 22 tracks, 1 radio drama, and videos.Almost three hours of unsweaten original burp style. Resulting eventually as the hugest various authors collection we ever released so far. More details in the next hours.

If you liked us before you will not resist. Otherwise don’t miss a rare occasion to put your fingers in this avant retro pie.

the tracklist so far is this one, but some changes are very possible..

Nicotina Is That you Santa, Standing in the Shadow? (Casual 210) 3:17
Edoardo Ricci Little Dear 1:59
Anarcorural Agrofreejazz Band Navidad 1936 8:02
Jealousy Party Tutti Angeli in Colonna 6:25
Ricci Sanna Tilli De Fabritiis Fanfullacinque 12:53
Semerssuaq Jungle Bells 7:50
Jealousy Party Befana Inner 4:04
Dear Hearts The Only Thing I Get for Christmas is Blue 2:59
Edoardo Ricci Scherno a tromboni liquidi 3:52
Bardacid Nella Grotta 4:27
Pokemachine Bells Bells Bells 6:48
@hanoi Christmas @hanoi Mono 18:36
B Unit Tannenbaum Brennt! 4:17
Eugenio Sanna Panico nel cesto 4:34
Ricci Baldini Ribaldi Tretto Bambassa 1:12
Box of Surprises My Home 2:33
N.E.E.M. notturnale afono per tre crostacei e orchestre d’acque morte 15:51
Jealousy Party Jperso nel natale 5:05
Squarcicatrici Big Red Peaches feat Miss Massive Snowflake 3:18
Ricci Baldini baldricci sopramba 1:08
Mat Pogo/Ignaz Schick Sottratte le monete 4:15
Bar Crosta festa di natale 25:38
R.U.N.I. dens ho detto dens
Edoardo Ricci Presepio giapponese con due ciuchi 1:42

Christmas never get so blue. Easy Now.
Merry Christmas with the Burp.