October 5th, 2011

October 2011

21 Napoli – Perditempo
22 Salerno – Tape Garage
23 Lecce – San Franciscu
26 Molfetta – Le Macerie
+ Sistemi Audiofobici Burp
27 Roma – Fanfulla
+ Sistemi Audiofobici Burp
28 Agliana (PT) – Il Moderno

After recording a two days session at Isola Cannon Jack in Nipozzano – Firenze – with aural casseurs Arnaud Rivière and Mario Gabola and rehearsing punca strategies at Vivaldisaal in Berlin with Rhythm Complications’ Clayton Thomas and Burkhard Beins, and blowing the punca with Julian Bonequi, Jealousy Party will tour Italy at the end of October 2011.

Jealousy Party will perform in the trio format
Roberta WJM: mixer, cd / md players, electronics
Mat Pogo: mixer, cd player, actual and recorded vocals
Edoardo Ricci: alto and soprano saxophones, bass clarinet and trombone

JP’s last efforts:
Marchia Sodo digital ep BURP / i morsi
Picchia Dentro digital single BURP
Mercato Centrale album cd BURP (november)
JP + NICOLAS WIESE – Relative Memory album cd ABSINTH (january)

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