August 6th, 2011

Relative Memory is a collaborative album by Jealousy Party together with electroacoustic soundartist Nicolas Wiese. Two different recording sessions, in Berlin, June 2008, were deconstructed and then rebuilded. The production and mixing process took a a couple of years. The result are four dense tracks were Wiese’s radical treatment expands idiosyncratic JP sound in surprising areas of syncretism

Jealousy Party
Roberta WJ Meatball (JP set), Mat Pogo (Voices), Edoardo Ricci (Saxophones)
Nicolas Wiese – Computer and sampler; percussion, objects, strings and stuff; omni_deconstruction, spatial re-recordings, final composition, mix and mastering.

The album will be released on Absinth Records in Winter 2011/2012.
A Relative Memory Tour in Europe for January /February 2012 is planned.

Jealousy Party + Nicolas Wiese > Previews by nicolaswiese

On August the 7th a Relative Memory live set will be broadcasted by Brain Pussyfication, a radio show curated by Utku Tavil on Room 111, one of the four Radio 23‘s channels. Mat Pogo and WJM on prerecorded material and mixing and Nicolas Wiese on sampler and mix, will perform the first live set together after RM’s studio work ended.

Brain Pussyfication broadcast every sunday at 11:00 PM, Central European Time


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