July 21st, 2011

It starts with this one a series of weekly posts linking to some great music found on the seven corners of the internet and carefully selected by the Sistemi Audiofobici Burp staff. DJ Baba Giovanni Bauli selects one album for each day of your next week, a trip through avant afro imagination, granclassic improv, prog soul music and traditional iconoclasm. Enjoy the love of the bloggers.
Metti a fuoco le orecchie.


from Big Head Stevenson

Fun Boy Three is the debut album by Fun Boy Three, a band consisting of three ex-members of the UK ska band The Specials: Terry Hall, Neville Staple and Lynval Golding. It was released in 1982 and was re-released in 1999 as Fame. Several songs on the album feature backing vocals by the female pop trio Bananarama
Chrysalis 1982 UK

Lunatics video
avant skinhead pop capolavoro


from  Holy Warbles

Francis Bebey uses traditional African instruments and modern electronics to create a picture of the Pan-African musical experience.
Bebey released his first album in 1969. His music was primarily guitar-based, although he integrated traditional African instruments as well. His style was groundbreaking, merging Cameroonian makossa with classical guitar, jazz, and pop in a mix that could be intellectual, humorous, or serious.
In this 1985 release, composer/guitarist/singer/author Bebey used finger-piano, African flute, percussion and electric bass to draw on the whole range of African music today: traditional vocal styles (including an extraordinary “double-voice” technique), Ghanaian flute, soukous basslines. The Boston Herald called Akwaaba “one of the most amazing and beautiful records I have ever heard.”
Original Music  1985 US

pare ci sia un universo

COUNTRY TEASERS / The Pastoral – Not Rustic – World of Their Greatest Hits

from  Youngmosstongue

Country Teasers is a Scottish art punk band formed in 1993 and led by singer/guitarist / frontman and songwriter Ben Wallers.
Early Country Teasers albums were characterised by illiterate, scathingly satirical lyrics and discordant, repetitive sound through a setlist of art-damaged country and western songs.
The Pastoral – Not Rustic – World of Their Greatest Hits is the 1995 debut album by Country Teasers. The compact disc release adds “Anytime, Cowboy” and “No.1 Man” from the Crypt single, which was recorded in EdinburghScotland in 1993.
Crypt 1995 US

Crypt Records
il primo dei marcioni

AAVV / Memphis Soul Greats

from  Twilightzone

Excellent out of print compilation of hard to find Hi label soul.
Featuring Norm West, George Jackson, James Fry, O.V. Wright, Lyndon, Jimmy Mack, Willie Walker, Rufus Thomas

Hi 1995 US

Hi Records
brodo di giuggiole


from Allegory of Allergies

Malcolm Cecil (born 9 January 1937, London) is a British jazz bassist and Grammy Award-winning record producer. A founding member of the UK’s leading jazz quintet of the late 1950s, The Jazz Couriers, he went on to join a number of British jazz combos led by Dick Morrissey, Tony Crombie and Ronnie Scott in the late 50s and early 60s. He later joined Cyril Davies and Alexis Korner to form the original line-up of Blues Incorporated. He later joined Robert Margouleff to form the duo TONTO’s Expanding Head Band, a project based around a unique combination of synthesizers which led to them collaborating on and co-producing several of Stevie Wonder’s Grammy-winning albums of the early 70s.
Unity Records 1981  US
Tonto Studio
il re della zuppa


from  Exp Etc

The Spontaneous Music Ensemble (SME) was a loose collection of free improvising musicians convened beginning in the mid-1960s by the late South London-based jazz drummer/trumpeter John Stevens and alto and soprano saxophonist Trevor Watts. SME performances and recordings could range from Stevens-Watts duos to gatherings of more than a dozen players.
Karyobin is their second album and features John Stevens, Evan Parker, Kenny Wheeler, Derek Bailey, and Dave Holland.
Island Records 1968  Chronoscope 1993 UK
John Stevens
Trevor Watts
giovinotte belgioiose

ABNER JAY / Swaunee Water and Cocaine Blues

from Magicistragic

Describing himself as “the last great Southern black minstrel show”, Abner Jay was a travelling one-man band and revenant folk spirit who performed lugubrious versions of original blues, traditional American spirituals alongside his own material. Originally released on Abner’s own label Brandie Records 197*  US

Subliminal Sounds
c’è della gioia in sto disastro


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