May 13th, 2011

saturday may 21st
Le Petit Mignon (Staalplaat store)

Flughafenstr. 38
Neukölln, Germany

Exhibition duration: 21 May – 16 June 2011
Opening + 2 concerts + djs on Saturday, May 21st 2011 7pm/19:00

About the exhibition:

Wet Cartoons is a retrospective show celebrating 5 years of Drippy Bone Books zine and comics publishing. Started in 2007 by artists Kristy Foom and Mario Zoots as a way to catalog the underground art scene happening in Denver, Colorado and other cities in the US, over the years it’s become a strong platform for collaborating with artists involved in underground comics, illustration, video, music, and design. Keenan Marshall Keller, a comic artist based in Los Angeles, joined Foom and Zoots in 2008. Each artist prints and pays for the publications they release under the hood name Drippy Bone Books. All editions are small run varying from 10 – 100 copies. Living in different cities, publications are now released from Los Angeles, Denver and Amsterdam. The name Drippy Bone Books was inspired by the comic Oops Goops (2006) drawn by David Magdelano and Brian Bamps of Los Angeles.

Wet Cartoons refers to the looseness of the Drippy Bone Books publishing project, and how it’s a liquid mirror on some contemporary underground communities. The show will feature books from the Drippy Bone Books archive and video art and prints from Kristy Foom, Mario Zoots and Keenan Marshall Keller. Publications still available will be for sale.

Wildsmile studios is a Dresden-based network project, which operates a fine manual screenprint and promotes a variety of projects such as the International Sticker Awards or the art space C. Rockefeller Center for the Contemporary Arts.
In the last 5 years the posters and propaganda for the events of the in-house sound system R.I.Z.L.A and other diverse and manifold artistic on-and-off productions are designed screen-printed there. Because the archive is currently being renovated, it was decided to outsource the posters and prints, without further ado, to the rooms of Berlins Le Petit Mignon (Staalpaat store). The move of the collection is accompanied by caribbean folklore music.


Drippy Bone Books:
Wildsmile Studios:

About the concerts (on May 21st, 8:30pm/20:30):

The Preterite (USA)

Jealousy Party (Italy/Berlin)

Flughafenstr. 38
12053 Berlin Neukölln (New website)

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