March 1st, 2011

Burn In Your Hell
3 Illustrations by Herr Müller
is the new exposition at Le Petit Mignon – Berlin.
Exhibition Duration: 05 March – 12 March 2011
Release Party + Dj Donna Summer
+ live sets:  Ezramo / Penelopex, Benjamin L. Aman
on Saturday, March 5th, 19:00/7pm (concerts start at 20:30/8:30pm)

Le Petit Mignon
c/o Staalplaat store
Flughafenstr. 38

“Burn in your hell”. Why be attentive, polite and respectful to lunatics who threaten you and most of humanity with pain, torture, suffering and the destruction of the world? Herr Müller’s new series consists of three portraits of your favorite religious maniacs – Benedict XVI., Ayatollah Chomeini and the Dalai Lama – all caught in the heat of their most beloved threat. Their cruel visions of hell and damnation are drastic and passionately detailed … So are the textures of their portraits in “Burn in your hell”. The burned, melted, cut and torn materials unfold their richness of detail on the large scale posters.

The young promising italian female sound artists Ezramo and Penelopex are certainly about to setting landmarks in experimental music. Ezramo’s research is focused upon the hidden archaic memory in music and upon the writing in its multiple forms. Her main instrument is the voice, that she usually combines in a radical way with acoustic instruments and field recordings. Raising from Bologna underground noise scene, Penelopex searches and finds her sounds in nature and city life, transformed through custom filters and modulators into broken melodies, noise and musique concrète.

Lyrical vocals and manipulated acoustic sounds by Ezramo, transcending into Penelopex’ field recordings and drones… appearing and disappearing. Just like a ghost.

Benjamin Aman

Benjamin L. Aman is an artist from originally France, now living in Berlin. With a conceptual approach BLA works in the field of visuals, installation, performance, sound & recordings. His art intends to define and question limits of loading spaces and mental constructions with a rather minimal approach. His work has been exhibited in Europe and recently at Selasar Sunaryo Art Center in Bandung, Indonesia.

Using mainly electronics and analog devices, BLA constructs static and minimal tonal synth pieces where piercing drones and pieces of narratives are exploring a same room.

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