January 28th, 2011

Saturday january 29th Mat Pogo will be broadcasted by radio k’bvh;b at 9 p.m. Berlin time doing a vocal live set ++shuffling through records and archives of burpenterprise

+ Partner: Galeria Plan B

+ Date: 28 – 30 January 2011: The broadcast will start on the 28 January and will end on the 30 January

+ radio k’bvh;b is a three day experimental radio station marathon: 72 hours of playful subversions, aural conversations and hybrid mutations through which radio’s inherent capabilities, specificities and limits will be tested out and the medium’s vitality and significance reasserted.  Amongst boundless technological shifts and innovations concurrently being played out in the sphere of recording and direct distribution platforms (live/ recorded, mediated/unmediated file sharing and self-broadcasting) radio art’s currency as an avant-garde tool for charting out new experiential territories seems to be at stake. We wish to address this by focusing our attention on radio’s polyphonic possibilities, immediacy, real – imaginary space/time conjuration properties, sonic sensibilities and listening habits.

+ the broadcast programme will include:

/// radio experiments around ideas of ‘liveness’, interaction and medium translation which would involve amongst other things: simultaneous broadcasts of listener sent material regarding their current aural conditions as listeners of the radio programme at a certain moment in time and in a certain physical location, collaborators translating different experiences from Berlin/London/elsewhere into writing and sound;

/// hybrid forms such as film/ sculpture/ drawing/ writing/ abstract idea as radio/sound art;

/// sound collages, soundscapes, feedback experiments, concrete poetry, electroacoustic and experimental music;

/// a series of open performances taking place in the broadcasting studio which will further explore ways of participation and the limits of radio.

today saturday 29th on radio k’bvh;b

± 2 pm (tbc) – jack andrew lantern reading some of his poetry live from london

± 3 pm – joseph fellows ? a reading of some.thing

+ 7 pm – fege live in the studio, drone music, accordion&effects

+ 9 pm – mat pogo, in the studio doing a vocal live set ++shuffling through records and archives of burpenterprise

+ 11 pm – ion, radio manipulations live from bucharest

+ we will also broadcast listener produced materials throughout the day and our neighbour’s saturday musical choices

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