November 25th, 2009

Italia + Slovenia tour
dicembre 2009

Waristerror Terroriswar
(now TSIGOTI) is a collaborative and improvisational quazi-punk band dedicated to expressing their opposition for war, authoritarian regimes, and violent religious extremes. It’s a band made up of members from two different continents with a tremendous amount of experience in a wide variety of musical situations. Their first album transpired the year after the 2006 war between Lebanon and Israel though it is not about that war specifically but war in general. Some songs were written in a few hours, and without teaching them to each other they recorded the first album “TheBrutalRealityOfModernBrutality” in 3 days. They met again this past year to record a second album “Private Poverty Speaks To The People Of The Party”, play their first shows to wildly enthusiastic audiences, and reconfirm their collective skeptical optimism.

(meaning ‘I see’ in Cherokee language) is the next step. Same people, same instruments, same improvisational spirit, now with more involvement and time to craft songs. This time war is seen from the inside, from people who suffer being attacked, trapped, imprisoned, terrorized and tricked. The music has become more complex, with guest musicians from our Valdisieve family (Edoardo Ricci, Samuele Venturin, Francesco di Mauro, and a choir of a dozen of friends). A multi-layered approach to the sound, exploiting new recording techniques and equipment, brings Tsigoti sound to your ears exploding in all its controversial spikes. The artwork is signed by master cartoonist Squaz and the album will be released in december 2009 by ESP-Disk, distributed worldwide.

Thollem McDonas
solo piano concerts
1st Milano, Italy @ Syncronie Festival duo con Stefano Scodanibbio
2nd Ravenna, Italy @ Jam Station
4th Macerata, Italy @ Terminal
5th Meldola, Italy @ Area Sismica
6th Bologna @ Ivan Illich duo con Nicola Guazzaloca
15th Firenze, Italy @ La Cité piano solo


10th Ravenna, Italy @ CSO Spartaco
11th Ljubljana, Slovenia @ Menza pri Koritu
12th Koper, Slovenia @ MKC
13th Firenze, Italy @ nEXt Emerson
16th Terni, Italy @ Galleria Da.Co.
17th Grosseto, Italy @ Spazio72
18th TBA
19th Milano, Italy @ Trok!
20th Ora (Bz), Italy @ AurOra Piccolo Teatro

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