February 13th, 2009

check here a couple of videos capturing two shows Barnacled recently performed for “Charles”, their new album released by ESP-DISK
This video was shot at the Bowery Poetry Club in NYC. December 16, 2008. Presented by ESP-DISK’.

Charles CD Release #2 at AS220 Providence, RI January 10, 2009

Barnacled: 5 2 6 from Allison Mowrer on Vimeo.

Members (at this performance): Ann Schattle-french horn, misc. percussion Nicotina-guitar Alec K. Redfearn-accordion, jaw harp Jason McGill-alto saxophone, misc. percussion Michael Jeffries-baritone saxophone, misc. percussion Frank Difficult-electronics Chris Sadlers-upright bass Matt McLaren-drums PLUS: Septimania members Jonathan and Josh (you can barely see them but they were in the front of the stage adding percussive noises from pots, cans, and other metal objects)

You can buy Charles here

and check here some old post we wrote about them

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