December 5th, 2008

Nicotina will join Barnacled for the release show of “Charles” out now on ESP.

Charles, Barnacled’s new full-length, and first outing for ESP-Disk’, is a rollicking, propulsive offering featuring the band in some of its most intricate formations. This deftly arranged record follows Barnacled as it tightens itself into high corners, only to purposely fall down, find new ground, and pick itself back up again. This work is highly playful, even at its most intense—and it does get intense, with saxophone battles surging over electronics and highly distorted accordion fire offerings. Then all of a sudden the sound drops out, save for a plaintive lone bassoon call, or static from a short-wave radio that sounds soothing by comparison. Intertwining rhythms and melody lines then revolve around a pulse that creates a new frame of reference while also complicating it. This music invites deep listening, and rewards the curious. Often it is simply mesmerizing—essentially what adventurous minds have come to expect from the legendary ESP-Disk’ oeuvre.

Featured Artists:

Frank Difficult: electronics/keyboard
Michael Jeffries: bass/baritone saxophone/modified Speak & Spell
Jason McGill: alto saxophone/percussion/shortwave radio
Matt McLaren: drums/percussion
Alec K. Redfearn: accordion
Ann Schattle: horn in F
Erica Schattle: bassoon

December, 15 2008 09:00 PMDon Pedro w/ Afuche, Hi Red Center, Couch Forts

90 Manhattan Ave., Brooklyn, New York 11206 – $5
one good time, along w/ Afuche, Hi Red Center, Couch Forts

December, 16 2008 10:30 AMlive on WFMU — Talk’s Cheap with Jason Sigal / 91.1 fm in New York / 90.1 fm in the Hudson Valley, Jersey City, New Jersey 07303 – price of a radio or internet connection

live on air, on Talk’s Cheap with Jason Sigal. listen in, or the archived version after the fact, at the live set will happen sometime between 10:30am and noon, eastern time

December, 16 2008 10:00 PMBowery Poetry Club w/ Alan Sondheim, Jonathan Thomas

308 Bowery Street, New York, New York 10012 – $10

“Charles” record release show in NY, sponsored by ESP-Disk’. Lineup: 10pm Jonathan Thomas and friends 10:30pm Alan Sondheim (ESP 1048) solo 11pm Barnacled (ESP 4049) CD release show

January, 10 2009 09:00 PMAS220

115 Empire Street, Providence, Rhode Island 02903 – $?

homecoming quings

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