October 12th, 2007

The Fall Of The House Of Burp
-concert series in Florence-

se sei a firenze / if you are in florence
don’t miss this

+ top secret act


via villamagna 27/a

al CPA fi-sud in via di villamagna 27/a.
Stavolta un duo anglo francese, suggerito da Bar La Muerte. Sono solo in due ma potrebbero essere in 100!
Prima, ad aprire, un misteriosissimo progetto elettroacustico locale di cui non vi sveliamo neanche il nome! Venite ne avrete dei sicuri benefici! BUrp style!

more info:

Cpa fi-sud Via di villamagna 27/a
bus 23, 31, 32


Sikhara exists in a constant state of motion, claiming no land as home. This rotating members project, lead by Scott Nydegger was co-founded by drummer Sam Lohman and synth player Paul Beauchamp in Winston-Salem, North Carolina in 1999. Since then, Sikhara have gone on to perform over 300 concerts in The US, Europe and Japan. Utilizing both machinery and acoustic elements, Sikhara creates a disturbed enviroment of ritualistic sound. Manipulated sources of primitive voices are collaged into a hypnotic new language, which melds instinctively with animalistic tribal percussion. Numerous Sikhara releases are available on cd and vinyl, but from conception, it is foremost a live band. On stage, Sikhara manifests itself in a trance induced mayhem, blurring the lines between the music and the audience. Having given concerts in a variety of conventional venues such as clubs theaters and galleries, a constant theme of Sikhara is to seek out somehow extraordinary locales. Amongst the examples of these events are: Directly next door to the police station in the bustling Taxim district of Istanbul, Turkey, deep within the tunnels of a Polish coal mine, an abandoned metro passage underneath the city of Linz, Austria, and within the 1400 year old Zenjouki Temple near Kobe, Japan. For this session, they were joined by the master monk of the temple, who was born 55 years earlier in the same room. Sikhara’s growing work with non-profit and cultural organizations has opened the opportunity to gain an audience outside the realm of night-life concert goers.

Sikhara have appeared on multiple events of Slovenia’s DMRK collective, Portland’s 2 Gyrlz Performative Arts and in city funded venues such as Lisbon, Portugal’s Fiera do Livro, Bratislava, Slovakia’s Dubravka an the Palais de Tokyo inside the Paris Museum of Modern Art. At the beginning of 2004, Sikhara relocated to Europe for a period of about 2 years, establishing an international line-up as an American, French and Portuguese trio with Gustavo Costa and Yann Geoffriaud. In the duration of this stay, Sikhara performed nearly 100 times in 16 countries, as well as recording the material featured in the concerts, for the cd “Bardos State”. In the coming months, Sikhara will expand the scope of their travel, to include yet unvisited countries and regions. Scott Nydegger In addition to his work with Sikhara, Scott Nydegger occupies himself with a wide variety of activity, having toured with such acts as Steve Mackay’s Radon Ensemble (a rotating band for which Nydegger serves as a musical director) Damo Suzuki’s Network, Mecanosphere, Master Musicians of Hop-Frog and Temple of Bon Matin. These numerous collaborations have been documented by such labels as Bar La Muerte (Italy) Chrome Peeler (New York) Samboat (France) and Bulb (USA).

In the studio, he has worked as an engineer, producer and guest musician including projects such as Steve Mackay’s Michigan and Arcturus, the USA is a Monster cdr Weedblood, and co-producing a series of releases in co-operation with the Fonoteca Municpal Lisboa. Agrafistolagem A permanent member for the past 2 years, Geoffriaud earned a reputation as one of Europe’s fastest drummers during his time with fast core unit George Bitch Jr. Before their implosion, the group became one of the most recognized bands in the genre, giving memorable performances on some of central Europe’s most important festivals. For his infusion into the sound of Sikhara, he has adapted techniques including double kick bass drum into an un-categorizable style that has shaped the very nature of Sikhara’s current sound.


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