JULY 2007 (back in Berlin)

July 12th, 2007

Back in Berlin
for the opening of X-sounds at the ballhaus naunynstrasse. were jd zazie had a sound installation titled meine?deine?ihre?.

The Jealousy Party is ending the mixing of their new album. We worked pretty hard and well in the last weeks to close the album.
Again will be with us sooner than our usual standards.
But we will post later a better documented report about.
For now a bite of Edoardo Ricci kicking trombone during the recording sessions
Check out this video: RICCI solo tr. 07/2007

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vai trombone friggi

..and well about me..
i’ll be in town all month trying to fix this site, work on comics, web comix and especially rehearsing for the B Unit debut at the end of this month. We will play at the avantgarde festival schiphorst27 july.
B Unit is a brand new trio featuring me on vocal and mixer, JD Zazie on mixer and Peter on drums.
At the festival we will open a program of incredible musics and among them the one created by Eugene Chadbourne, Jimmy Carl Black, Andrea Parker, Antoine Chessex, Zappi W.Diermaier, Damo Suzuki and many more..

scattata da afeman

this pic is by the afeman and was shot at tagofest last year.
At Tago Mago in Massa Marittima.
Burp was there also this year. Enjoying a lot the best independent music festival in italy.
And playing with the jealousy party full effect septet..

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