August 16th, 2012

As part of modul III of the  Klang Orte Berlin/Berlin Sonic Places  project, Saturday August 18th the piece Tempeltofu by composer and vocalist Tomomi Adachi will be performed

TempeltofuPerformance for 20-part choir and vuvuzela, 4 trombones and two soloists, is a site specific composition for Tempelhof Airfield- Berlin.
Soloists are Ute Wassermann and Simon Berg.
Matthias JannWolfgang Dunst, Jochen Lehmann and Jens Planer-Friedrich will play trombone.
The choir’s participants will be: Ruth-Maria AdamHenning BaudachNicole BeckerSibylle BoehmeUlrike Fruhtrunk-DehnKatrin KegelmannAlec IlyineKerstin Lahl-RöslerKim LaugsMareike LohrJeongeun MaengRachel MalheurThomas NollToby O’ConnorMat PogoJan-Henning RaffBritta RühlBodo SchmäkeEls VandeweyerIngolfur VilhjalmssonEsther Von der Osten and Wiebke Willms.

The performance will start at 15:00. It focuses on distances of sounds and sounds by the wind.

Please check where it will happen, because the park is huge..

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