October 26th, 2010

RAUM 20 05.11.2010
TLACUACHE: Mario de Vega & Julian Bonequi {MX}
+ Olivier di Placido {FR}

Mario de Vega is a sound artist born in Mexico City. His work explores the value of in-determination and the potential of unstable systems through site-specific interventions, process-oriented projects, multiples, sculpture and sound performance.

Julian Bonequi is a Mexican artist working mostly with Noise and Improvisation. Parallely with his development and professional interest in Art and Design, since 1995 is devoted to Music. Curator of Audition Records, Dissemination of Musicalibre, drums on F.O.C.O. Orchestra,  Berlin Improvisers Orchestra… has performed with FOCO under the conduction of William Parker, Keith Tippett, Eddie Prévost, David Leahy, Michael Fisher…

Olivier Di Placido is a self-taught musician who performs on electric guitar. His approach is mainly focused on the manipulation and the use of each elements of the guitar as an instrument (magnetic pick-up, steal strings, electricity, unscrewed neck…) By adding few objects to this primitive set up, he’s trying to create natural distortion, pitch, tremolo, flanger effect…. without using any electronic pedals. He develops a world of tensions and ruptures with an approach to the guitar that is both minimal and noisy.

ASPEC(T) Naples/Italy.
SEC_: analog synth, tapes, laptop.
Mario Gabola: feedback sax, resonant drums.

»[…] frenetic structures, noise explosions, ancestral cries,
an unceasing perversion of the soundscape and the time stream.«

Aspec(t) are releasing their fourth work “Waspnest”
on 12” LP and on CD, a coproduction between italian labels
Toxo Records, Viande Records and Fratto9 UnderTheSky.

They will play in Berlin on November the 4th in the Quiet Cue series as well.
Mat Pogo of dj collective Sistemi Audiofobici Burp will spin records in the colonial style mixing free soul, parang, punca, calypso, r&b and error music.


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