June 18th, 2009

From July 3rd to 5th the fift edition of Tagofest will take place at Tago Mago, Marina di Massa, Italy

Kissed by the sea Tagofest is the best observatory to explore what’s happening in underground music in Italy, if anyone could care.

Here (in alphabetical order) the bands performing at Tagofest 5 :

A Spirale, Be Maledetto Now!, Blake/e/e/e, Bread Pitt, Cani Sciorrì, Cavallo Wanislavskji, Comaneci, Daniele Brusaschetto, D.U.N.E., Drink to Me, Gazebo Penguins, Larva & Trashsound, Lebowski
Lendormin + Sarah Dietrich + Tiziana Lo Conte, Lleroy, Marnero, Meerkat, MGZ e le Signore, NEO, Nicker Hill Orchestra, Nufenen, Quasiviri, Scum from the Sun, She Said What, Squarcicatrici, Squartet, The Hutchinson, Trouble vs Glue, Wora Wora Washington, X-Marillas, Xtravagance Core

And here some labels you will find there. Alot more to come:

Afe Records, Bar la Muerte, Boring Machines, Bugfoot Collective, Burp Enterprise, Canebagnato, Cervello Meccanico, Depression House Records, Donna Bavosa, Eaten by Squirrels, Eclectic Polpo, Escape from Today, Farmacia 901, Fooltribe, Fratto 9 Under the Sky, Fromscratch, Grey Sparkle, Moriremo Tutti Records, HysM, In the Bottle. Incisioni Rupestri Indierama. Jazzcoreinc, Lazza Records, Lepers, Lisca Records, Madcap Collective, Marinaio Gaio, Marsiglia Records, Megaplomb, Megasound, Mescaleros Crew, Monstre par Exces , Movimento Flaneur, Niente Records, Ni**aville , NO=FI , Palustre , Pulver und Asche, Radio Gwendalyn, Scriveremale, Seahorse Recordings, Second Family Records, Selva Elettrica , Setola di maiale, Shyrec , Smartz Records , Suiteside , Stuprobrucio , To Lose la Track , Unhip Records, Valvolare records, Wallace Records, Wild Love Records , Zerostyle/Seitan!

Soon as we know a more detailed description of the festival will be posted. See you there!

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