August 1st, 2012

We just received this note from Altes Finanzamt – Berlin

This Tuesday we will have a special pre-season philosophical football tournament, that will also work as a fund-raising in order to take philosophical football to London, to make our own Olympics tournament. Those that cant come to the event, but still want to support the cause, can go through this crowdfunding website a give a donation:

In this tournament, is specially made to have new players/nations recognized by Phifa. In order to become recognized, each team has to win an already recognized nation (those that already played philosophical football.

Those attempting to become recognized nations are terrorists/separatists, and will play against proper nations.

For Nations:
ireland – john holten
wales – bryn chainey
north of ireland – alan cunningham
portugal – filipe dias De

for Terrorists/Separatists:
Nordrhein-Westfalen – Mario Gomes
Catalonia – Iris Pakulla
Latvia – Sabine Moore
Taiwan – I-Wei

The opponents of the Terrorists are the closest Nation, as separatists always fight against who is the closest. The order ot the games was selected according to the degree of rivalry between the opponents, defined by distance between the capitals of the two.

1st game northern ireland vs taiwan (googlemaps unable to estimate the distance)
2nd game latvia vs ireland (2904 km, 34 hours)
3rd game Catalonia vs Portugal (1255 km, 12 hours)
4th game Nordrhein-Westfalen vs Wales (832 km, 9 hours)

Bets will be on with Eternauta Diaz.
Match report by Didio Pestana
Muse is Johannes Benediktsson
Match drawings by Mat Pogo

Tuesday, doors open at 21:15, matches start at 21:45.
At Altes Finanzamt
Schönstedtstraße 7
Neukölln 12043 Berlin

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