June 5th, 2012

For the 8th edition of Multiversal JD ZAZIE was invited to DJ. During the night she will share the desk with BRAIN PUSSIFICATION.
The line up of the night will host concerts of  TARFIELD (NO), nifemN (DK) and QUINT (xxx).

TARFIELD are Arnfinn Killingtveit and Martin Palmer. With a focus on hypnotic drones, manipulated field recordings, probability theory and interdimensional space travel they have published several well received online releases under a creative commons licence and performed a string of live concerts since 2009. This is their first time in Germany.

Jonathan Seest and Sofie Trolde together form the duo, nifemN that plays improvised electro-acoustic music. They are both fascinated by the sound of art, the sound of space and presence. nifemN currently experimenting with a new duo project where you take the best from each of their world and combines it with the hard electronic universe. At the same time love you both harmonies and peaceful moods. There will be spent homemade soundboxes, pedals and the voice, etc. under the concert. Jonathan Seest and Sofie Trolde educate themselves on stage at The Royal Academy of Music in the northern Denmark. Jonathan Seest studying bass and electric bass, while Sofie Trolde studying rhythmic singing and electronic composition.

As QUINT, five Berlin based musicians will play loud, very loud music! They are Frank Szardenings (baritone sax), Dario Fariello (baritone sax), James Welburn (electric bass), Kevin Angboly (drums), Utku Tavil (drums).

Concerts will start at 9:18 PM at Multiversal Studio / Brain Pussyfication HQ in Warschauerstrasse 58A (between the the second and the third courtyard – in the basement.)


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