Hystorical member of the Burp Enterprise collective, Jimmy Gelli is a sound artist based in Florence.
He plays with cult band Jealousy Party and he’s one of the founder members of the Sistemi Audiofobici Burp.

Jimmy was a visual artist and a prominent bass player in the psychedelic freeform Florence underground rock scene, which obscurely flourished in the ’80?s as a reaction to new wave ‘s frivolity and the natural exhaustion of GDHC instances as a collective. Until the mid ’90?s Jimmy played with a number of bands as Flintstones, Electric Citizens, Popolo del Sole, Box of Surprises, I Piedi, interpretating r&b, heavy psych and avant rock with a characteristic super fuzzed bass sound.

Then Jimmy decided  to quit visuals and progressively stopped playing bass, focusing on electronic music and djing, beeing fascinated by both extreme dance music and early electronica. He was a main figure in the so called Colonial scene, in the late ’90?s and early 2000, when the focus was on the process of finding a common ground between acoustic, electric and electronic instruments, a dialogue between different backgrounds, grammars and techiniques using free improvisation as the main tool.

In the last years aside being involved in many Jealousy Party’s projects, he’s more and more interested in sound art and sound installations, dealing physically and conceptually with Space and Time.